Career Coaching + Talent Strategies for Lawyers

Career Coaching + Talent Strategies for Lawyers

Career Coaching + Talent Strategies for LawyersCareer Coaching + Talent Strategies for LawyersCareer Coaching + Talent Strategies for Lawyers

Our Story

We'll guide you.

Attavita means "compass" in Icelandic. Founder and President, Gina Sauer, J.D., was inspired to form Attavita while hiking in Iceland, a land of glaciers and volcanoes whose unique terrain is unlike any other on earth. The world of law careers is unique too...and there are a lot of directions you can go. That's why you need someone who speaks the language of lawyers and legal employers to guide you.

Fortunately, we know our way around law careers. Attavita was born from a passion for helping lawyers and legal employers find their way. Gina is a former President of the National Association for Law Placement (NALP) and has over 20 years' combined experience as a Director of Attorney Recruiting and Development at a law firm, Assistant Dean for Career Services at a law school, Career Coach & Marketing Director at a legal search firm, and practicing lawyer.

If you're an employer, we'll help you manage and maximize your legal talent. Of course we can assist with departures and outplacement. Better yet, we strive to reduce departures, with an integrated approach to refining your recruiting and on-boarding strategies, and supporting your attorney development, retention, and advancement efforts. Most important, we know that one size does not fit all, and we'll work with you to find solutions that fit your unique culture.

If you're a lawyer, we'll give you a road map and the tools you need to advance in the job you’re in, or find a new one -- in the traditional practice of law or in an "alternative" legal career. We know career change can seem overwhelming. The good news is that as a lawyer, you're trained to solve problems through a systematic process. A job search is just another process, and we'll guide you every step of the way.

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Attavita is a boutique firm with a personal approach, backed by a depth and breadth of expertise. Get to know us better by visiting Gina's bio, and be sure to check out our blog.